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Monday, January 25, 2016

DWM: Dancing Nines

I had a productive quilting week, as I shared in the two previous posts.  I appreciate the many comments on both Blue Coins and Postage Stamp Stars.

Last Monday I showed the 9-patch blocks on my design wall.  They are made from 2" squares and thus are 5" unfin/4.5" fin.  I was pretty sure I would set them alternately with hourglass blocks.   I made a sample. I was not excited.

I did a Google images search for "nine patch quilts" and Bonnie Hunter's Dancing Nines came up.  It was just what I wanted.  Click here to see the pattern.

Speaking of 9-patches, here are multiple mini-9's (3.5" unfin) for the Block Swappers. I didn't participate in the quarterly swaps last year and I want to replenish my supply.

If you click on flimsy completion tab at the top of the page you'll note that the to-be-quilted list is shorter. Not only have I finished three quilts this month, but I've also sold four flimsies.  I listed them on the Quilters Virtual Yard Sale Facebook group.  Selling flimsies is not a light decision. Am I giving up too easily? If I quilt it myself will it look decent? If I pay to have it quilted will I get my money's worth (particularly important for a charity donation)?  The proceeds from these sales will go into my sewing machine savings account.

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P.S. Here's a photo of this morning's sunrise.  When I went out to the back yard to take the picture I heard bird calls . . . how many weeks until spring?


  1. Doubt I would pay to have a charity quilt quilted. Tying would be preferable. Actually, I've never paid to have any quilt quilted! There is a way to quilt on your domestic machine without cramming top, batt, and backing into the small harp. It's like quilting a table runner! I piece the backing together entirely; leave the top in three sections; lay batting 1" larger on all sides than the center top section onto center of backing; pin baste the center top; roll up the upper and lower backing; quilt the center, leaving 1" unquilted on upper and lower edges; sew on the upper top; hand baste the upper batt to center batt with huge herringbone stitches; baste and quilt upper section, leaving the quilted center section hanging off the machine bed to your left; repeat for lower section. Now figure the cost of having it quilted and put the savings in your machine fund! Keep on quiltin'

  2. I admire your ability to get so many postage stamp blocks done and square! I like Bonnie's quilt, but I think I like the hourglass blocks with them better. How's that for being no help? lol

  3. I did a 3.5" 9-patch exchange with my guild when I lived in Alberta! I made a fabulous quilt (if I do say so myself) based on a pattern in McCall's magazine...don't have a pic, or I would send it to you. Beautiful sunrise, and after living many years in Alberta, I totally get the longing for spring you express. January was a terrible month for me. I had never heard of selling flimsies! That WOULD be a hard decision. Thankfully I only have one right now; let's not talk about WIPs though...

  4. I love scrappy 9 patches because they are so versatile. Thanks for sharing yours with Oh Scrap!

  5. You have lovely blocks here as well as a gorgeous sunrise! :)

  6. I really like the cheddar background for your Dancing 9 patches. That's going to be a fun quilt.

  7. That dancing nines IS a great pattern and such a pretty sunrise! :)

  8. Your Dancing 9s is great -- I too like that cheddar background. I don't think I could sell my flimsies but I'm looking at selling some things I need to get rid of in the next few months. Let's see if I actually do it!

  9. good decision on the dancing nines...

  10. The cheddar Dancing Nines will be wonderful, but I also liked the hourglass alternative. Pretty sunsets mean you are up early enough to catch them!


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