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Monday, November 2, 2015

DWM: beach, blocks, runners, and HeartStrings

We had about 50 trick-or-treaters on Saturday afternoon. The morning rain had moved on though it was still overcast. By contrast, Sunday was Kodachrome-bright.  We went to Hosah Park for our afternoon walk.

We could see the Chicago skyline -- there's a tall building in the far distance behind the concrete pier on the right (in the water).

Shirtsleeves in November

Beach glass bonanza!

Vintage prints
Stash report, October:
Fabric acquired: 63-3/8  ($52)
Fabric used: 31-7/8
Fabric acquired: 162-5/8  ($376.60)
Fabric used: 283-5/8
Net decrease: 121

52-3/8 yards of this month's acquisition came from Lillian's legacy -- free! The other 10 yards were batik FQs purchased at a quilt show.

Vintage woven plaids and stripes
I sold four sets of blocks through the FB group Quilters Virtual Yard Sale. They'd been in my box o' blocks for years. Now someone else can put them to use.

Lime is the the color this month at the  Rainbow Scrap Challenge .
Here's my bubble block.

And, speaking of blocks, I won the Block Lotto! I will get 42 Twinkle Stars to add to the six that I made.

The United Methodist Women will have tables at two craft fairs this month.  I made five table runners using 6.5" crazy-pieced Christmas blocks left over from this project back in 2010.

Each runner has a different back.

I'm making Christmas potholders from blocks-on-hand, too.

 I've used different colorways, fabric genres, and strip sizes for this year's HeartStrings quilts.  A back issue of "Easy Quilts" had a pattern that inspired me to try a different design for the 11th HS quilt. I assembled it Saturday. I'm a month ahead!

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  1. Lucky You, winning the twinkle star blocks. I can't wait to give them a try -- after Christmas ....

  2. Hurray for the win! I'm loving making twinkles, myself, right now. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Lots of quilty goodness going on at your house. Congrats! on the Block Lotto win!!!

  4. Your heartstrings quilt is really neat!

  5. Wow, lots going on in your sewing room. Your Heartstrings quilt turned out beautifully!

  6. You are doing a superb job using all the fabric you have acquired. Excellent. Just a hint, did you know you can set your links to open a new page rather than to take folks away from your page? Ask me how I know. Ha! It takes a check in one of the boxes on the bottom left. Then, I can check something out but not lose your page! Have I ever mentioned that I'm a) like a raccoon --ooooh shiney new quilt? or b) Dory in Finding Nemo? I could be six pages away and forget where I started. Ah, that explains why I have so many unfinished projects! Great blog with lots of fun inspiration.

  7. Congratulations on winning all those great blocks. I love that heart strings quilt too. Thanks for sharing all this scrappy goodness with Oh Scrap!

  8. The table runners, the lime green block and the string top are beauties. How lucky to win the block lotto, sure you will have fun assemble another star quilt.

  9. How I admire all your projects! and congratulations on your stash report and the time that it takes to calculate it. The bubble blocks are always great fun to see!

  10. Congratulations! Lucky you! Love all your blocks.

  11. I love your heartstrings quilt! Congrats for winning!


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