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Monday, October 12, 2015

DWM: a finish, guild winnings, a new project

I finished the I Spy commission quilt -- delivered and paid.  Check that off the to-do list and add 3-1/2 yards to the "used" column.

I was one of the block of the month winners at Wednesday's guild meeting.  I will use these clever 12" pencil blocks for Care Bags (with some of Lillian's fabric).

I was intrigued by a design by Pam Buda in the new AmP&Q. She specializes in 19th century reproductions. I thought I'd try batiks. (How am I doing, Wanda ?)  Each block is 10" and has 20 HSTs which are rather tedious to sew and trim.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Patchwork Times and Love Laugh Quilt .


  1. Love your hsts - though they sound like a lot of work!

  2. Nice blocks with the half square triangles, or as I sometimes say and much more accurate, half triangle squares. Love the batiks. What are you going to make with them? Something great, I'm sure.

    1. HST is such a part of quilter's lingo!

  3. The pencils are cute, but those ha;f squares!!! They blow me away!! LOVE them!

  4. I'll sure those hsts are tedious, but they sure look great!

  5. Adorable pencil blocks. Your HSTs remind me of falling leaves and butterflies, all mixed together. The batik fabric simply twinkles like sunlight in the woods. Lovely.

  6. cute crayon blocks nann...and batiks? can't go wrong with them...ever! it's beautiful...

  7. that is going to be a fun batik triangle quilt!!

  8. Love those triangle blocks! Very colorful.

  9. Your HST blocks are wonderful! They look like a bunch of twinkling lights with the colors you used.


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