Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family quilts

Pam lives in the town twelve miles west of me. We've known one another since grade school, but our paths diverged. We reconnected on Facebook after more than thirty years.. She mentioned that she had some family quilts I might like to see and we finally got together last Monday.

The quilts were most likely made by Aunt Alice, who was actually Pam's cousin Sue's great-aunt. (Pam and Sue are paternal first cousins. Aunt Alice was Sue's maternal grandmother's sister. Got that?  Nearly everyone who knew Aunt Alice called her that -- including me.)   All are machine-pieced with a slightly-wider-than-1/4" seam.

These wonky log cabin blocks are made from silk and rayon neckties. (1950's?)

 The medallion may be as late as the 1960's.

There were two 30's bricks quilts: one was unquilted. The other was tied. Note the nifty 30's backing fabric.   (The bricks are about 3" x 6".)

Aren't they wonderful?  I've given Pam the name of the closest appraiser so that she can have proper documentation. 

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  1. wow. what a treasure trove of quilts. They look much like what Bonnie Hunter does. I guess nothing is new, is it!


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