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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bookshelf, bubbles, and bunco buddies

Bookshelf quilt #34!   Started and finished in nearly record time (Monday - Wednesday).
This one is for a recently-retired coworker from ZBPL.  (How many more of these will I make?   For other ZBPL coworkers when they retire; for ZBPL trustees for whom I worked; and for close friends (librarians) when they retire.)

I was not clear about the size of the bubble blocks I posted earlier this week.
The blocks are 15" x 15" finished. Each is made of four quarter blocks.
The CUT size of the pieces:
3" center square
2" colored strips
1.5" white strips

Also available at Amazon.comKaren DeWitt was the speaker at the Northern Lake County Quilters Guild monthly meeting last evening. Karen is an artist, a quiltmaker, a bunco player, and now a novelist.  She's published three books about a group of eight women who play bunco and make quilts. I bought the first two books from her at our guild show last fall, where she was a vendor. I read and enjoyed them both (okay, I read them last weekend in anticipation of her presentation last night!). The third book came out a month ago and I bought it last evening. If you like stories about quilters and quilting friendship you'll enjoy these.  Here is Karen's website: (  -- note that the books are available as audio downloads as well as in print.

Karen's program was about her quiltmaking journey with a trunk show of her work. She is a professional artist (MFA) and a professional picture framer. She has reproduced several of her pen-and-ink and pastel drawings on fabric (with Spoonflower ) and had them for sale along with her books.  (She's also played bunco with a group of women for about 25 years, though she insists that the characters in her books do not portray any of them.)

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  1. Oh, Thank you, thank you! what a wonderful little easy "Quilt Recipe" for the bubble blocks! It got above 50° today and I'm delirious with Spring Fever!


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