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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March stash report and the Chicago quilt show

On Sunday I went back to the estate sale where I bought the lace runner. There wasn't much left in the last hour of the four-day sale. I spent $5.00 and got 7-3/4 yards of quilting cottons. (Five pieces in all.)

Here's my stash summary:
March fabric in:  9-3/4  ($23)
March fabric used: 30-1/2
2015 to date in: 16-3/4  ($64)
2015 to date used: 90-1/8

I finished quilting the Daisy Patch quilt yesterday. I will take it to show & tell at the guild meeting, then deliver it to Linda W. who will bind it.
I made a purple bubble block for April's Rainbow Scrap Challenge . While I was at it I made blocks from the January and February colors, blue and pink, to add to the March yellow block. The blocks are 15 x 15 so a 12-month sampler will make a nice-sized quilt.

Irene and I went to the Really Big Quilt Show at Rosemont on Saturday. (Its official name is The 2015 International Quilt Festival/Chicago.)  That was the third and last day of the show. The crowds seemed thin. When I mentioned that to a couple of the vendors they said that they were busy on Friday.

What caught our attention as we entered the hall were the red and white quilts for the 40th (ruby) anniversary of the Quilt Festival.
by Yvonne Porcella

there were Dear Janes in other sections of the show, too
I didn't take many other pictures. Two of the exhibits did not allow photos: selections from 500 Traditional Quilts and the Cherrywood Fabrics "Wicked" challenge. Both exhibits had accompanying books that I didn't buy. "Midwest Marvels" was a nice local-ish exhibit with prize winners from local quilt shows. One of our guild's blue ribbon winners was featured.

The vendors had wonderful wares. I was tempted! But I restrained myself and bought four fat quarters and one one-yard cut, all for specific projects.  I also bought a Sticky Roller -- a silicon lint roller. You can see it  in this YouTube video . I've used it and, so far, it really works.


  1. Nann! I love your RSC blocks, where can I find that pattern?? Very nice job!

  2. Those reds really get my heart thumping. Lovely quilts. Yep, your rainbow challenge blocks will make a nice quilt when done. I'm envious of your fabric usage this month. I'm going to be on the acquiring side this month. But April should be a good one.

  3. Wheee! What a lovely post of the show highlights that spares me all that walking. Your log cabins in rainbow colors are so pretty all together. Is each log cabin block 4" wide to make up the 16" for the block? so tempting to do it with you!

  4. What beautiful quilt show pictures. Great job on catching up on all the RSC colors so far. They make a great collection.

  5. I love your log cabins! That is what I'm doing, too, but mine are decidedly (and intentionally) wonky. I'm doing two per month, and they will end up at 16" finished.

  6. Your bubble blocks are turning out nicely and thanks for the little tour of the quilt show!!

  7. I love the purple bubble and all the other bubbles. Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos of the red and white quilts.

  8. I want to come to that show sometime. The bubble blocks are so great together. Whee! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  9. Your blocks are turning out great. What fun to see such lovely quilts.

  10. Your blocks are going to make a stunning rainbow quilt. Those red and white quilts sure are pretty... might have to break down and make one someday.

  11. Love your RSC blocks. Thanks for sharing pictures of quilts in the quilt show.


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