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Sunday, October 5, 2014

DWM: auction results, a new raffle quilt, and blocks to play with

The Full Score Chamber Orchestra gala was Saturday evening. The turnout wasn't terrific, but the music certainly was!  The guest musicians, Sultans of String , were fabulous -- a Toronto-based group specializing in world music.  They give kids' concerts and will do just that this week with two performances for Zion District 6.  Our Rotary Club provided the funding.

Noteworthy, the quilt I donated to the silent auction at the gala, raised $300. (There were not many big ticket items in the entire silent auction. The quilt and the offer of a week's stay at a condo in Colorado were the biggest moneymakers.)

Here is what became of the red and green Ohio Star blocks I posted for DWM last week. It turned out bigger than I anticipated -- 78 x 90.  I had to buy the green fabric for the setting triangles and borders.

You'd think that there would have been something suitable in the red and green stash. (The picture shows reds and greens that are 1/2 yd and larger. I have fat quarters (whole and pieces) in another place.) 

Or, failing that, in the Christmas stash.


But I'm pleased I talked myself out of being stingy.  The green print works that way I envisioned.

I went to three estate sales and got these towels -- just .75 each. The Christmas/New Year and the cutwork pieces have never been used.

Nancy-near-Philadelphia hosted a swap of Lady of the Lake blocks in blue batik/white-on-white. Here are the blocks I received.  (Two blocks need some reorientation!) I'm not sure how many blocks I will add or how I will set them. For the time being I will just admire them.

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers for Design Wall Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times. 


  1. Oh I SO want to make a Lady of the Lake someday - I love yours in blues!!! It's on my short-list :) Noteworthy turned out beautiful - it should have gone for much, much more. And I agree - that green is perfect for your stars - it makes them sparkle!

  2. nann....congrats on your raffle quilt response! and i love the LOTL blocks...sooo gorgeous!

  3. The green is perfect for your stars quilt. Love your Lady of the Lake blocks. What a nice variety of blues! Congrats! on your auction quilt. It's beautiful.

  4. Isn't amazing how we have so much stash but never "just the right fabric"...puzzling!?

    1. If we never bought fabric on the speculation of "someday" use then we wouldn't have stashes, would we?

  5. Nice to hear of the results of the Auction for your quilt. That was a fairly low bid. Lucky Winner of the quilt. I love the stars floating in the Green.

  6. The Ohio Star blocks look great. You got just the right green to set them off to advantage.

  7. Congratulations on the $300 earned for the chamber orchestra. You were so right to buy the green for the stars. It looks great with the stars. On to lady of the lake.


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