Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some family history

This is the fourth post with photos from our trip.  We visited family cemeteries -- his paternal, my maternal.

Williamstown, New Jersey

Harry and Winnie were Stevens' grandparents. The Pricketts were Winnie's parents. (Older headstones are less legible.)

East McKeesport, Pennsylvania
My great-great grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, and uncle and aunt.

My dad began his career at Westinghouse Air Brake Co. in 1941. WABCO was headquartered in Wilmerding, PA.  The Westinghouse Castle, as the HQ building is called, is a museum-in-the-making. It was not open the Saturday morning that we were there.  Dad and other engineer-trainees lived in a boardinghouse called the Tonnaleuka Club that was across the street from the Castle. (No excuse for being late to work!)   The Tonnaleuka Club has been torn down. We saw the vacant lot that corresponds to the address.

You can read more about Westinghouse and the Tonnaleuka Club  here  

 Side entrance. Dave Blaine walked through this door!

 My parents were married in the First Methodist Church of Wilmerding . (I never asked them why, but it's curious because my mother's family were active members of the Lin-Way Presbyterian Church just down the road from their house.)

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