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Sunday, October 12, 2014

DWM: full moon, casters, totes, and a new flimsy

The pop
Living on Lake Michigan has made it easy for me to take pictures of sunrises. I love the pink-and-gold streaks in the sky just before the sun pops over the horizon.  I had never taken a picture of the moonrise over the lake -- until this week.  Conditions were ideal: clear skies, the fact that Illinois Beach Resort has enough parking lot lighting so I could go down to the beach without stumbling in pitch dark, and a convenient time. The lake was calm and I was just a few feet from the water's edge. At 7:14 p.m., right on schedule, the a pinpoint of light appeared on the horizon.

Just a couple of minutes later

This "lunacy" was in part to compensate for the fact that I completely forgot about the lunar eclipse early Monday morning and slept through it.  

The other four wheels looked like this one
 I vacuumed my studio this week. One of these days I will do a deep-clean, moving the furniture away from the walls and dusting all around rather than just at the edges, but that day has not yet arrived.

 Have you looked at the wheels on your sewing chair lately?  I did. Look at the threads I pulled out.

I sewed 38 totebags for Carebags For Kids , a charity I have supported for a number of years. My goal is to send 100 totebags in 2014.  These use home dec yardage I got at thrift shops.

I made one new block and used one from the orphan blocks box to transform two tote bags.  The blocks cover organization logos (one, the YWCA; the other, a microbiology conference in 2005). The totes had never been used. I paid $1.50 each at a thrift shop.  They will be filled with advance reader copies of forthcoming books and used as prizes at the Zion Woman's Club bunco party next weekend.

I came across seven blue rail fence blocks a week or so ago and thought I ought to do something with them.  The "something" turned out to be making 83 more.  I have them half assembled.  (They are 6.5" unfinished. I cut the strings 1.5" x 7".)
I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at  Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. One time my sewing chair wouldn't roll very easily and I looked at the wheels and I found lots of threads and lint clogging it. My casters had the half covers over them so there was a good hiding place for it.

  2. Never thought to check the casters for thread. But I've got a bamboo floor now so the threads seem to go in all different directions now. But, my floor definitely needs dusting/vacuuming. Nice job on the blue rail fences. That should help with the stash numbers!

  3. Oh my, the photos are amazing. I grew up in Michigan, St. Clair Shores, very near the lake. It is strange for me to live in Indiana where I don't find much lake. LOL The rail fence is lovely. I have been known to make rails from my strippy scraps for RSC challenges....such mindless sewing with time to think about your next project.

  4. How nice you had time to make all those rail fence blocks! I hope it made a small dent in your stash?

  5. Beautiful moon rise! Those are so much harder to capture than sunrises.

  6. Your 7 rail fence block project has turned out amazing!

  7. love your strippy blocks....great find and terrific flimsy!


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