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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More than a photo op

The library received a construction grant earlier this year. The money helped with the cost to replace the computer network servers that were shorted out in a freak flood last September. (The air conditioning unit over the server closet backed up and flooded. No computers or internet for two weeks and a bill for over $125,000 to repair/upgrade and relocate the a.c. unit. Insurance paid $58,000.  The grant paid $19,000.) 

We paid the bills last fall. We got the grant check in the spring and deposited it. Last month we (not me personally, but the interim director) got a call from the Illinois State Library saying that Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White would like to present a display check and would July 8 be all right?  The interim director asked if I could be there to receive the check since I'd applied for the grant.  Certainly. 

It turned out to be a bigger event than I anticipated.  The township supervisors, our state representative, and staff from the State Library and the Secretary's office were there. So was the district office director for our congressional representative. She had a pleasant surprise for me! 

(Board president George Andersson, Sec. White, Rep. Sheri Jesiel, and me.)
The Rotary Summer School kids had an unexpected civics lesson. (Me, Rotary president Shantal Taylor, Director of the State Library Anne Craig, Sec. White, Rep. Jesiel, Township Supervisors Cheri Neal and Jan Suthard.)
The box I shipped from the ALA conference (I had it sent to the library) arrived.  These new books and upcoming release will keep us occupied for a while.

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  1. Congrats on having Jesse White there! Wow! What an honor!

    (To the non-librarian people reading this, he is our Secretary of State which makes him our State Librarian. Which leads to comments from my librarian-husband like "When I'm Secretary of State..." Yes, Nann, he does say that!)


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