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Monday, July 7, 2014

DWM: bargains, winnings, strings, and shoo-flies

In mid-May I wrote this post  about the 1500 yards of fabric donated to our guild.  The donor's grandchildren were coming to live with her and she had to give up her sewing room and thus her stash.

The guild board agreed to sell the fabric to ourselves for $2/yd.  Here's a photo of the setup.

We made about $800.  $1160.  Irene and I took the leftover fabric home -- half to her house and half to mine.  A woman who couldn't attend last week came over this morning and bought 45 yards--another $90. [And: full confession: I bought MORE from what I hauled home....$120 to the guild.  For a total of $1373.  But all the rest of the temptation is out of my garage and in Irene's studio.]

 Here's what I got -- a mere 87 yards. But only $2/yd!  And this vintage purple ticking was part of it.
Other guild news:  I won the block-of-the-month!  Here are 8 blocks -- there will be 4 more coming in later. These Civil War Clay's Choice variations (12") may go nicely with the Block Swappers' recent CW 9-patch swap (6") 

Here are 89 out of 96 blue-centered string blocks for the Heartstrings July project. The standard HS quilt has 48 9" blocks, so 96 will make two quilts.  I dug into a shoebox of pieces and strips of white-on-white and cream-on-cream -- good to use 'em up!
Speaking of swaps -- and since this is Design Wall Monday -- here are the dots-and-dashes Shoo-fly blocks from two Blockswappers swaps. I'm not committed to these borders, but the more I look at them the more I like them.  The black-striped border has little stripes of bright-with-dots. 
I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's  Patchwork Times.


  1. Yikes, I'd sell my grandchildren before I'd give up my stash, LOL! Ahh, well, good bargains to be had there. Your blocks look fine and the Clay's choice is intriguing.

    1. From the donor's description, it is a good thing she can take the kids out of a dysfunctional situation. But I'd miss my fabric, too! I thought you'd like the CW block!

  2. The dark strip is perfect in my book. I like the yellow inner border, too.

  3. nice haul on the fabric...gotta sew faster nann...LOL! and dots and dashes lovely....


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