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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid-July: wildflowers at IBSP

 Rain has been plentiful this summer.  Fortunately it has fallen late at night or early in the morning while daytime is blue-sky-sunshine.  The down side to the rain is that there are lots of mosquitoes as explained in depth in this article published in the July 12 Chicago Tribune. ("We don't have a single mosquito in this town -- they're all married and have lots of children.")    I went outside very early a couple of days ago -- about 4:45, before sunrise -- and saw bats darting and flitting.

The up side is that the flowers are wonderful.  This week we went for walks at Illinois Beach State Park -- three times! (The joy of retirement with free time in the afternoon. ) The lake is just a mile from our house, but we drive south to the Camp Logan Unit, about two miles south, because that has the best walking paths. 

June daisies and July black-eyed Susans

Butterfly weed

Queen Anne's Lace

Purple loosestrife: a bad invader but so pretty!
Daisy fleabane


 I keep looking for monarch eggs on the milkweed -- without success.

This guy was very visible on the gravel path but when he slithered into the grass he was camouflaged.

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