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Monday, July 14, 2014

DWM: spokes and wheels

This month's Block Lotto block is "Spokes" in monochromatic colors. These were fun to make.

I have a quilt basted, ready to quilt. I have a box of flimsies.  I would like to make small pieces for a colleague's retirement (end of July) and a friend's wedding (end of August). This would be a good time to decide what I'll make for this year's AAUW Christmas raffle. The guikl show is in October and I need to contribute something to the silent auction.

Did I work on any of these?  Of course not.

Light/dark; neutral squares; dark/dark

I always have pieces cut to use as leaders-and-enders. This week I sewed half-square triangles, cut from 3" squares. I make a bunch, trim them, and toss them in a shoebox.  The shoebox was pretty full. Underneath the shoebox was a "Buggy Wheels," a pattern by Buggy Barn that I downloaded some years ago.  No time like the present! The traditional block name is Carpenter's Wheel.  It is visually complex because there are so many pieces, but they are all half-square triangles with a few squares). Each block has four identical quarters. I charted one quarter so I could keep the piecing straight.  If I were really efficient I'd piece the units for all the blocks one unit at a time, which would require me to keep count (16 blocks times 4 quarters times units....)  -- but instead I'm piecing the units for four quarters (one block) at a time.

I finished the ninth block after I took this photo.  If I make 16 blocks (16" finished), add 2" sashing, and 5" borders I'll have a quilt that's 84x84.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times .


  1. Boy, that is a lot of half square triangles! But since you have bunches made up I bet this will go together fairly quickly. It looks great. I love the asterisks or spokes. I've been meaning to try some of those blocks. It will happen one of these days but I need to get some stuff finished before I start anything new. (Well, I keep repeating that in hopes I actually will follow my own advice!)

  2. Very Colorful Scrappiness on your DWM. I save my bonus HST's too. Making an ocean waves someday.

  3. Love your blocks! They look great with all of your scrappiness. Making HST's is one of my favorite things in quilting.

  4. Nann, all the times that I've seen Carpenter's Wheel, i thought that it looked too dull and static. But your scrappy blocks just shimmer with movement and I love the effect! Thank you for opening my mind once again!

  5. How beautiful!! Wonderfully done :)

  6. Beautiful Carpenter Wheels. That's a block that's on my bucket list too. I had not considered makeing them scrappy.

  7. Ah Nann, you are always an inspiration.....


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