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Sunday, July 20, 2014

DWM: Big wheels

Carpenter's Wheel is a flimsy!  I followed Buggy Barn's directions and made the sashing 1.5" (1" fin.). The piano keys in the border are 2.5" x 7" (2" x 6.5" fin.). The flimsy is 85 x 85 and used 8-1/8 yards.

The neutral FQs I bought last month were just right for this spur-of-the-moment project.

More big wheels: the AAUW-IL board met in Bloomington Friday afternoon and Saturday.  There are several new board members. It is a congenial group and we had a productive meeting.

During the meeting I got three rosettes added to this part of my ongoing (neverending?) necktie hexie project.  The little AAUW tote is just the right size to carry my sewing kit and the hexies.

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's Design Wall Monday.

P.S. At the beginning of the week I put a new cover on the ironing board.  (The harvest gold legs date it. I bought it in 1980, when we got married.) The attached pocket is for spray cans and bottles, according to the package, which stated in capital letters: DO NOT PUT IRON IN POCKET.  Okay, I won't!


  1. oooh love your carpenter's wheel nann...beautiful colors!

  2. Good for you for getting that carpenter wheel top together. I really like your background on this. It adds texture but doesn't take away from the blocks themselves. I had to laugh at the harvest gold legs on the ironing board. Yep, it sure dates it. Hum, I wonder what the turquoise legs say about my ironing board? I got it in the 70s if I remember correctly!

  3. Love your carpenters wheel! Always wanted to make this!

  4. Beautiful quilt flimsy! (On the P.S...the sad thing is...someone, somewhere might be silly enough to try putting the iron in the the guy who tried to kill a spider with spray paint and a lighter and burnt down his house...just saying!) Thanks for sharing your quilt!

  5. Love the quilt! As to the ironing board, the note is for the litigious folks, just like the tag on my 1" curling iron: "NOT for use on eyelashes"... duh!

  6. The Big Wheels quilt top is admirable, good job! The narrow sashing and generous piano keys are very attractive together and I especially like the size the quilt will be.

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous! I have had that pattern earmarked for a long time as a wanna make - yours makes me wanna even more.

  8. What a great quilt !! I love it. And good job on those hexies too. Bravo!
    Kathy Aho in MN

  9. Oh yeah, ....and if you ever really get sick of your 1930 fabrics I have a good home in MN for them! LOL ;D Kathy Aho in MN


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