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Monday, July 28, 2014

DWM: not much sewing

My horoscope in this morning's Chicago Tribune says, "The pieces come together. Keep a tight hold on your common sense."  Gee, does the syndicated horoscope writer know I'm a quiltmaker?

The Carpenter's Wheel flimsy is still pinned to the design wall. I didn't sew last week.  To give you an idea of what a non-sewing week it was, this assortment of purple fabric arrived on Tuesday. I did not take the box to my studio to open until Friday.

Admiring the hogs at the Lake Co. Fair 
I worked on AAUW finances to follow up on the previous weekend's state board meeting. (As I observed to the AAUW-IL president, this 'volunteer' stuff seemed an awfully lot like WORK.)  The Zion-Benton Leadership Academy steering committee met Tuesday evening. Friday afternoon I went to the library system board meeting and in the evening to a retirement party for a colleague at the library in a neighboring community. Saturday Stevens and I went to the Lake County Fair (mid-morning: small crowds, decent parking). That evening we met friends for dinner at Hob Nob, a classic Wisconsin supper club on the lake in Racine (about 12 miles from home).

Though quilting is my significant passion/obsession, reading is the activity that has defined me since I was a small child. If, heaven forbid, I had to make a draconian choice and cease one or the other, I would stick with reading. Fortunately, I don't have to -- but this week it was indeed nice to spend two solid evenings with books.  (Wednesday:  Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, which will be published in October. Thursday: Insane City, by Dave Barry.   Here's my review of Leaving Time.   No review for Insane City -- it was just very, very funny.)

P.S. from the fair:

This is NOT my quilt. It was made by my friend Joan, who used her extensive 30's repros to make this award-winning version of Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. It's a beauty!

See what more productive folks have been working on at Judy's Patchwork Times .


  1. Even though I'm not that crazy about 30's fabrics, I really love Joan's interpretation of Bonnie's quilt! Really lovely :) I love to read too and would hate to have to choose between that and quilting. I have to admit I read less since I started quilting, but I could never give it up!

    I totally understand a non-sewing week! My granddaughter has been with us this summer, so I have had quite a few weeks lately with no sewing. However, we are teaching her to sew, so perhaps that counts?

  2. nice purples nann.....must think about getting some for MY stash too...


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