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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday week

You can't hide from birthdays if you're on Facebook.  I had more than 150 birthday greetings on Monday, with a few the day before and a few the day after.  It was a pleasant day:  I wrote a book review, took a walk, pulled some weeds, and finished a quilt.  

The book review was one of two I will present at a panel program at the upcoming ALA conference.  (The program will be taped for BookTV and I will try to remember to share the link.  I'll be talking about Becoming Tom Thumb and Shadow Woman.)

The walk was along my usual  route in our neighborhood --about a mile and a half.

The weeds were mostly  convolvulus -- better known as bindweed.  It takes over the front flowerbed.  It reproduces by rhizome so under the surface there is one huge convolvulus plant. All I can do is pluck, and pluck, and pluck some more.

The quilt is my version of Bonnie Hunter's Tumalo Trail.  I posted a photo of the assembled center a couple of weeks ago.  The border is a cheerful, busy April Cornell print that works very well with the multi-fabric center.  I quilted abstract leaves in the center and straight lines in the border.  It's 72 x 72 and used 10 yards in all. (Those little patches have 20.5 square inches each!)

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  1. Happy Birthday. Beautiful quilt. I sometimes cringe at the amount of fabric hidden in seams, particularly when I've paid $12/yard.


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