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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A fritillary, some flowers, and forty FQs

We saw this pretty butterfly when we walked at Hosah Beach in Zion yesterday. It is technically a fritillary and its common name is Aphrodite. 
(I looked it up here "Fritillaries are a smaller group within the butterfly family Nymphalidae. All butterflies in this family have tiny front legs that lack claws (in most other butterfly families, the front legs have claws). This family includes many other common butterflies, including viceroys, checkerspots, and heliconians. Togther, all of the butterflies in this family are known as brush-footed butterflies.")

We also saw wildflowers:  spiderwort, hoary puccoon, and more daisies.

 I bought these 40 Moda fat quarters from an advertiser on the Quilters Flea Market group. What a great assortment of neutrals and tans at a bargain price.  Most of the prints were new to me.  These will be very useful.
And now with three posts in one day, I'd better log off and finish packing for the ALA Conference!


  1. Fritillary -- I'm going to drop that into casual conversation sometime soon! Love the neutrals.

  2. Your Moda neutrals are quite wonderful! I wondered who had gotten them first when I inquired on QFM, LOL! I got some too, so there you are.


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