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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little museums

   On Saturday, on our way home from our committee meeting in Bloomington, my friend Ann and I stopped at the Norsk Museum in Norway, Illinois.  Norway  was settled in 1834.  It is an unincorporated town in northeast LaSalle County, about 100 miles from where I live.  (Ann lives in a west-southwest suburb only about 30 miles away so this was in her neck of the woods.)

 The former Lutheran church, closed years ago, houses the museum.  (The Methodist church a block away is operational.)

I enjoy visiting small local museums with displays of items donated by townspeople (and descendants of townspeople). The emigrants' trunks were the most Norwegian things in the museum.  From the farm implements and household items it appeared that the townspeople were well-assimilated by the turn of the 20th century.

Yes, there were quilts. There was also a sewing machine. (I did not lift the lid to see what model).

One of my retirement gifts was a booklet with information about all the local museums and historical societies in Kane and DuPage Counties.  I'd like to visit all of them!  Summer road trip?

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  1. My parents had friends (a couple) who visited all 95 Tennessee counties, photographed the courthouses, and published a book. Now there's a project for you!


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