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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Morning updates

I made eight bead blocks for the February Block Lotto.

Tomorrow's guild meeting (NLCQG ) will be our annual charity sewing night. We'll  make pillowcases for ConKerr .  I don't have many kid-novelty-print fabrics in 3/4 to 1 yard lengths, but these are kid-friendly (I think). This evening I will cut them into ready-to-sew pieces and find coordinating fabrics for the cuffs/trims.

 I think I have enough animal-print fabrics for DGD's high school graduation quilt.  Bonnie's Random Ohio Stars pattern, which I used for the Steelers quilt, keeps coming to mind as a good way to use these.
Here are the t-shirts for one of two quilts I have committed myself to make. They benefit the ZB Run Squad which coordinates 5K runs in our comunity.                                  


  1. Hiya Nann! you are as busy as ever, I see! I so enjoyed the virtual visit to the Shaker furniture exhibit, thanks for that. Those bead blocks look like the new "modern" quilting to me although I admit that I'm unsure of a definition of that genre.

  2. Have you seen the neon pink zebra print? I think my daughter got some from JoAnn Fabrics. Pretty wild on the baby quilt she made for a friend... Just saying. You've got a lot going on as usual.

  3. Love your bead blocks Nann - totally cool!!! And your DGD is going to love all those animal prints :) The pillowcases are a lot of fun to make, especially with good friends and a heavy dollop of laughter!


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