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Monday, February 3, 2014

DWM: January summary

New books and more! 

At left: the books and other loot I shipped back from ALA Midwinter. (57 lbs.)  I try not to take so much but I can't resist.

My friends Pat and Ann and I spent the final afternoon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Had I known earlier that no-flash photography was allowed I would have taken a picture of their Vermeer (so small -- about 8x10).  The early Philadelphia and Shaker furniture was a slice of heaven for me.  There was just one quilt on display.

Shaker sewing table

Shaker spool boxes

Best tote bag!

Abingdon Press quilt fiction/mystery
Abingdon series up close

I thought I'd make it through the month without buying any fabric, but I didn't.

Thrift shop + novelty
It was a good thing that my conference schedule didn't allow me to go back to the Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet or I'd have bought more than the seven yards I did. (See photo in last week's DWM).   I returned from Philadelphia on Wednesday and picked up the Pfaff from its spa week (getting tuned up at Sew 'n' Save ). The sewing machine tech, Steve, also fixed the Singer foot pedal/power cord assembly.  While I was there I went over to the fabric side of the shop. I bought some (okay, 28)  clearance FQs for $1.25 each (even batik FQs were that price). And a yard of a clearance novelty print. And two FQs of animal prints for an upcoming project. And while I was at it, three FQs of light neutrals.   There is a thrift shop in the same chopping center as Sew 'n' Save. I could not resist a 4-yard piece of a 1980's VIP floral ($5.00).

So, yes, I did buy more than I used in January. (Added: 20-1/4. Used: 17-3/8.)

OTOH, while the Pfaff was in the shop I basted three quilts (Steelers Stars, I Spy, and a flimsy I made last year).  I quilted and bound both the Spy and the Stars -- the former on January 31 and the latter on February 2.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times .

P.S. Google had a booth to try Google glass, so I did. IMO it's very distracting.

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  1. I LOVE that tote bag. And, oh how true that is. I'm sure you will use it with pride. What a haul of fabric. I'm sure you'll be happy to have your sewing machine back on task!


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