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Sunday, February 9, 2014

TSB: we have a winner!

I thank everyone who left a comment for the Traveling Stash Box giveaway .  It was gratifying to read how each person's volunteer activities improve her community.  Of the commenters there were twelve who have blogs (blogging is a requirement to win). I asked my husband, "Pick a number between one and twelve."  "Eleven," he said.

The eleventh qualifying commenter is Amy in Kentucky, who blogs here:   She wrote, "I volunteer for an organization that picks up stray cats and spays/neuters them, including any other shots and medical care they need. Then the cats are released where they live, and their caretakers can continue to feed them, but the cats can no longer reproduce. Overall this decreases the number of outdoor "strays". I am very passionate about animals!"

I will ship the box o' goodies to Amy when she provides her mailing address.  

P.S. The Traveling Stash Boxes are everywhere. You can track them, and enter to win. Here is the master site.  Thanks, Katie!

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