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Sunday, May 19, 2013

UFO no longer!

This was my oldest UFO. I pieced the cake stand blocks in 2005, added the setting squares and triangles, and lived with it at that stage for a while.  Then I was given more of the green-sprigged tan and added the inner border.  I added the red print  outer border.  It sat in the box o' flimsies. I'd take it out, get scared at the prospect of quilting those blank setting squares, and I'd put it away. I bought backing fabric that would be "just right," and resisted using that fabric for any other project.  Last Sunday evening I bit the bullet -- pieced the back, got 'er basted, and guess what?  It wasn't as intimidating as I'd feared.  I did the now-trademark loopy flowers in all the blocks, a little circle-and-vine in the inner border, and almost-feathers in the outer border.  The quilt is 64 x 64.

That just-right green/gold backing
I am naming this one Victoria Grace in honor of my online New England quilting friends Victoria, whose blog is here:  Park Hill Farm  and Grace, whose blog is here: Citymouse Quilter
I haven't met either one in person but we've been correspondents for several years now (and of course we have expressed mutual admiration for our quilty endeavors).   Both Vic and Grace love Civil War reproduction fabric -- this quilt uses some CW repros though not exclusively. 

The 13th Annual Jack McElmurry Rotary Golf Outing was Friday.  The day was cool but clear.  I contributed  Bright Bento Box   to the auction. It brought $225!  In turn I bid $160 for a $250 gift certificate good toward professional painting (so I can get that bathroom finished!).  The club will net more than $25,000 from the event to fund our many local and international projects.

We took a beach/woods walk on Saturday. Here's DH taking a break.  It's finally spring time!

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  1. Nann, I am truly honored to be sharing a namesake with Grace on this quilt! It is so very quaint and pretty and captures that prairie spirit. I only wish I could see more of what you mean for the quilting designs. From your description, they sound very fitting. Good job!!!!

  2. wow, immortalized in a quilt name, how good is that? tis true, nann, we have been electronic pen pals and quilty computer buddies for some time now. i think you should come to new england and meet us both in person, don't you victoria? and this very day, i've been researching ancestors for my application to the DAR...congrats on your finish and thank you, again, for making victoria and i renown in quilting circles. and cake stand is a fave pattern of mine too!

  3. What an honor and what a beautiful quilt!!

  4. You must be thrilled to have a quilt go for a decent amount of money and of course, going to a worthy cause. Terrific. I really like your cake stand quilt. Nice finish. 2005 isn't all that long ago, really. I won't say how old my oldest UFO is except the blocks came from an exchange on Prodigy. (well, I have several that came from exchanges on Prodigy.... )

  5. Gorgeous quilt. I am trying to get all my UFOs done this year so kudos on yours :)

  6. What a wonderful UFO to finish. I am surprised you waited so long to get it done. It's beautiful. I have a lot older UFO's that are not nearly as pretty.

  7. Beautiful quilt and the quilting is lovely. The backing fabric is gorgeous too.


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