Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quilt display stand

Savage Stand
A couple of times each year I need to display a quilt -- usually for a raffle.  In 2004 I invested in a portable quilt display stand from Craftguard.  This link will take you right to it.  It turned out that it is a Savage Display Stand and its more common function is as a photographer's backdrop  The stand worked just fine for several events, but then someone packed it up for me and lost one of the wing-nuts, which I was able to replace (after some frustration until both the hardware store guy and I realized that it was metric, not U.S.).  After another event one of the extension poles got lost.  Duct tape provided an inelegant but functional rescue.  Eventually the zipper on the carrying case broke. 

Calumet Stand
I decided it was time to get a new display stand.  Obviously Craftguard still sells Savage stands, but might I find another (cheaper) vendor?  I googled "photographic backdrops" and found an online review for the Calumet Heavy Duty Background Support .  I can't find the review now, but the person specifically said that the Calumet is heavier than the Savage.  And it's cheaper.  So I ordered it. 

I'm delighted.  It is indeed sturdier than the Savage.  The top bar is held in place with two brass knobs that screw into the uprights.  The carrying case is well-constructed, with individual zipper pouches for the bases and elastic bands to keep the poles from rattling around.

If you need a display stand, I recommend the Calumet!

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