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Sunday, March 24, 2013

DWM: backing, boats, bargains, and a finish

B is for backing.

I finally pieced the backing for Orca Bay.   The red check is cotton bedsheet. The blocks are leftovers.  The blue fabric is vintage -- 36" wide.  Doesn't it look like  contemporary print?  I finished the flimsy back in January, 2012. You can see it here .  The subliminal message (I think) is that until I made the backing I could put off making the commitment to have it professionally quilted.  I'll be calling Wendy (the long-armer) this week!

Contemporary look, but vintage

When I piece a back I try to make it non-directional--note the placement of the two red/white prints on both side panels.

B is for babies, and boys, and boats.  I have quilts to make for two baby boys (one of whom has been born, the other of whom is due this summer).  I thought that sailboats would be fun and I found a pattern in McCall's "America Makes Fast Quilts" (Autumn, 2009).  I'm making the sails out of novelty fabrics (a decision made after the I made the test block, which is the one on the lower right). 

And here is this week's finish!  I made Diamond Stamps last May.  I took it out of the box, pieced the backing, basted it, and got to work.  I'm pleased with the freehand pumpkin seed design in the blocks.   To my horror I discovered pleats in the back -- not bad, but pleats nonetheless, and surrounded by quilting that I did not want to rip out.  Instead I washed the quilt in hot water and dried it in a hot dryer. The crinkles camouflage the pleats. Whew!  The border quilting is "almost feathers," a design with which I'm getting proficient.

Closeup of the quilting

No, that's not a pleat -- I folded the quilt to show the pieced back.

And B is for buying.  I needed more light blue tone-on-tone for the sailboat sky and wanted a medium blue for the sea.  I bought both at Joann's....and then found two beautiful lemon yellow-and gray prints that will make a great jacket to go with the new gray slacks I bought at the Boston Store.....Just 8 yards, total, and on sale -- bargains!

You can see what other quiltmakers are up to at Judy's Patchwork Times. 


  1. I love your novelty sailboats. I have a great nephew who needs a quilt, and I'm always looking for a variation on the I-spy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. "B" is for Boy have you gotten a lot done. Love seeing the way you did the backing and the sailboats are the cutest. Take care!!

  3. Nice finishes and soon to be finishes. The boats are so cute for BOYS! I still haven't used a pieced backing, doesn't it add extra bulk to the quilting?


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