Saturday, January 19, 2013

Progressive swap, and new sewing room (not mine)

Quilt seeds
 I had so much fun with the Bag Lady swap in 2012 that I proposed it to the Block Swappers .  Renamed the Progressive Swap, it's underway with five participants (including me).  I'm sending "quilt seeds" -- the red/white and green/white hourglass  units that have been my leaders-and-enders these past six weeks or so.  The others in the group can make these into blocks however they choose. 

Favors for the other four swappers

For settings, or sashes, or.....

For years and years my friend Irene has used a 9 x 10 bedroom as her sewing room.  This year she and her husband Paul have added a 16 x 32 foot room onto the back of their house just for her quilting studio.  (Paul is a printer and has an entire building for his collection of antique presses, Linotype machines, etc.)  She called me Saturday and asked if I'd like to help move and shelve fabric.  Of course! 

I knew she had a lot of fabric, but not until I saw it all did I realize the extent of her stash.   (And there is more in the upstairs bedroom, she told me, but I didn't go up there.)  
We folded and sorted fabric until we filled the shelves of 12 units (30x72x10). Paul has 8 units yet to assemble.

the old sewing room
Irene in her new space, with "Seafoam" walls

The back corner of the new room. A Handi-Quilter will go here.

In transit, in the living room


Mel said...

Love the color of this room. What a nice place to create.

Vic in NH said...

Holy Mackarel! I'm a piker compared to Irene. I have only filled two big shelving units, so I feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone in owning a stash that will outlive me.
The best part is that she is really making important changes in her space so that it will get used. Brava, Irene!

Shasta Matova said...

The new studio looks like a lovely place to create beautiful quilts.