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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clear as can be?!

I received this comment by email:
"OK, I just give up.  You must be military, they love acronyms.  DMW? ALA?  Don't bother to answer, it's just less frustrating to remove your blog from my list.  Sorry, you do have some interesting quilts, just not worth the frustration."

For others of you who read my blog:  is it that difficult to figure out what the initialisms that I use stand for?  For example, there is a prominent button on the sidebar that says "ALA" and "American Library Association."
I'm Attending the 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting

At the end of the weekly DWM posts there is a label that says, "Design Wall Monday." And in each DWM post I provide a link to  Judy's Patchwork Times

I did reply to this woman, pointing out that I did not force her to put my blog "on her list."  And NOTHING that I've ever blogged about has implied that I am "military."


  1. maybe that blogger only reads you in a reader, instead of clicking thru to your blog and didn't see the sidebar explanations. don't let her get you down.

  2. wow! that's CRAZY! I mean instead of just asking what it means she is so rude to say that! geez!

  3. I wonder why she took the time to send the email when she clearly couldn't take the time to click through from the reader and visit your blog. The tags at the bottom say "Design Wall Monday" rather than DWM and even I know what the ALA is even though I'm all the way over here.

    You can't please all of the people all of the time..

  4. oh for goodness sakes, do people just not have anything to do? seriously, why even bother replying to her? i've received comments on my blog that were really far out there and i just removed them. and i don't get much traffic, so who knows how the oddballs found me! haha just chalk it up to someone with a pretty unhappy outlook on life. you have a great blog and i love reading it. keep up the good work!

  5. I often Google initials I don't know, like IMHO. It's fun to learn...


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