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Sunday, January 20, 2013

DWM: Valentines

The announcement for the UMW* meeting on February 14 said that secret pals will be revealed and to bring Valentines for everyone.  I'm not able to attend UMW meetings consistently since they're during the day, but I have been a secret pal (both giver and recipient) so I'll make time for this one. 

Sure, I could buy a box of inexpensive Valentines. But why, when I have fabric at my fingertips?  Fifteen years ago or so I got a flyer (advertising a quitl book, I'm sure) from Debbie Mumm with a pieced heart pattern.  I didn't buy the book, but I saved the pattern for a long time, and made the heart as a Valentine for my parents, circa 1999 (just one heart, fused to cardstock).  I came across that card a few weeks ago.** Now that I could use it, where is it?  Darned if I know. I have looked in all the possible places.  Without that pattern, I adapted this block (which I have made into two quilts: here and here).  

The original pattern makes a 6" block. That seemed rather large. I tried  3". That seemed rather small.  The 4" size is just right. I used batting in the large and small samples and heavyweight fusible Peltex*** in the medium sample: just right.  (I'll need to make 15. I'll add a hanging loop to each one.)

*That's United Methodist Women.
**My parents are deceased; the card was among the boxes (bales) of papers that they left, hence the reason that a card I gave away came to be in my possession.
** I bought an entire bolt of the stuff in the heyday of fabric bowls. I made 6 bowls one Christmas and that was it. (Raise your hand if you've responded to a fad in a similar way.)  I have lots of Peltex.

You can see what other quiltmakers are working this Design Wall Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Next week's post will come to you from Seattle at the ALA Midwinter Meeting!


  1. These hearts are so much cuter than a box of store-bought Valentines! The other women will love them.

  2. I wish I could remember now what it was I was looking at making recently that needed the Peltex. My mind is a blank. For the record, I made two bowls, one with a lid.

    That is a very cute heart block and I think you are right, 6" would be too big.

  3. Your personal gift will be much loved and appreciated. Great idea, BTW.

  4. That is a fun idea for Valentines!

  5. Raising my hand, my purchase was retractable badge holders to use with a covered button......

  6. I had to laugh. when I started machine embroidery the dealer sold me a roll (LARGE) of heavyweight stabilizer. Well, it never got used because it made clothing like cardboard but now I use it when I make mug rugs, bags, placemats, etc. I still have most of the roll so I don't worry about using it up. ;-)


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