Thursday, February 2, 2012

Midwinter winnings

Many of the vendors at ALA conferences provide door prizes.  I've dropped many business cards into fishbowls, stuck address labels onto entry forms, and in recent years had my badge scanned.  Sometimes I win...a sheet of Elvis stamps in 1993 (which I used for postage), a box of Boston-themed goodies in 2006,  a Lightwedge in 2008.

This year I won big! I got a Kindle from Equinox  (an integrated library system vendor) and this nifty gift basket from Midnight InkMidnight Ink. The two books are "Death by Killer Mop Doll" and "Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun." I'll enjoy reading both...and to figuring out how the Kindle works.


Wendy said...

Congrats! That Kindle is quite a prize!

Helen in the UK said...

Great wins - enjoy :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Lucky you! I LOVE my kindle!