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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quilting myself into a corner

....metaphorically, that is.
I made a bunch of 16-patches as leaders-and-enders (2" squares=6.5" blocks) and put them up on the design wall. I made a few bronze-and-turquoise square-in-square blocks as the alternates.  Not very exciting. I pulled out a red-and-gold print.  Alternating stars!  Much better. 

One of the perils of as-the-spirit-moves designing, especially in combination with use-what's-on-hand no-buy, is that if there's not enough fabric, that's it.  I had plenty of the turquoise (BTW, the date on the selvage was 2001) and I had a lot of the bronze.  I had just some of the red.  And that's what "quilted me into a corner."  I think this design would work better if the stars continued into the border, but I didn't have enough of that red, nor did I have anything in my stash that would coordinate to my liking.  So I used the bronze twice in the border, which emphasizes that fabric. 
The flimsy (unquilted top) is 72x84 and used 5-5/8 yards from my stash.  I am still using 2" squares for leaders-and-enders so a full-star version of this design may be here sooner than later.

And, in other quilting news: 
As I have posted before, I make bookshelf quilts for colleagues:  retirement and MLS graduation.
This is Carole's Bookshelf, presented at her retirement party on August 31.  


  1. looks like you have successfully channeled your inner bonnie...LOL...beautiful!

  2. I have a big box full of two-sies, 4-patches and 16-patches the same size as yours, for the same reason. Amazing how those leaders n' enders build isn't? The square in a square is very effective. Fantastic quilt.

  3. Your flimsy certainly has a lot of movement for the eye and is very good looking. I would love to see some close ups to enjoy the fabrics better. It is such fun to see what other folks have in their stashes. I guess that makes me a fiber voyeur, LOL!

  4. It is a beautiful scrap quilt - my favorite kind. I absolutely adore the bookshelf quilt. I've been wanting to make one for quite a while, but haven't gotten around to it. I would appreciate any tips and ideas you could give me about making one.

  5. Love your quilt. The red adds to the design. I make alot of two inch 4-patches too. Yes, it is surprising how fast they accumulate.

  6. As the owner of one of the bookshelf quilts (received upon "retirement"
    from the ALA Executive Board), I can tell you that they are spectacular, and wonderful. I cherish mine because not only did Nann make it, but there are additional embellishments done by one of our friends and colleagues who served with us.

  7. I love your bookshelf quilt - it's great!

  8. Can you post a picture of your quilt "Twenty Cent Geese" that was published? Or, give me a link to it on your blog??



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