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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dead Dog Creek Ravine, end of August

There was a community clean-up day for the ravine trail. (We weren't able to participate.)  A lot of fallen leaves were raked away and downed limbs were cut up.  Many trees were tagged.  I assume the tags indicate trees to keep, but I will have to verify that. 

Most of the wildflowers have gone by, though I did see one sprig of phlox in a sunny spot.   A heron lifted off from the creek but he was too quick for this photographer. has a wiki page about this trail.  It does not mention the creek, which I erroneously called Kellogg Creek until I looked it up.  It is part of the
Kellogg Creek subwatershed of the Lake Michigan Watershed -- but it is Dead Dog Creek.  How did it get that name?  I will have to look that up.

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  1. Dead Dog might've been a Native American's name too.
    We have some weird creek/stream names here in Oklahoma too.


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