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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Challenge begun, but meanwhile....

Here are blocks for the challenge quilt, thus far.  I redesigned the quilt in my head Sunday evening while we were at Christ Community Church to see "King of Kings."  

Meanwhile, I have come down with a cold that is keeping me at home for two days. (How nice of my DH to share it with me!)  In between working on library business at home, and napping, I finished this scrappy top. It began as leaders-and-enders, using 2.5" squares.  I often get impatient when making L-and-E projects. I just go ahead and crank out quantities of the units and assemble them.  This is about 74" x 86". 
When I ran out of the speckledy sashing fabric I substituted a similar slate blue (the vertical strip). (I got these circa-1990-slate blues from an estate purchase.  I swear they haven't been in may stash that long.)  The border is one of those "I can't bear to cut this up" fabrics that I have had for, oh, five or six years.  (I still have a yard of it, so I don't feel totally bereft. )

Years ago I read an article by a famous quiltmaker who said she tried to use a bit of orange in each of her quilts to add sparkle. I don't remember who that was or where I read it, but that's why I often have an orange (or somewhat orange) inner border.


  1. That is a really cute border fabric!

  2. You are really good with color, Nann; I like the liberated look of the two sashing fabrics.
    Kathleen C. in CT (from LibQuilters)

  3. Nice quilts! Possibly it was Bonnie Hunter who made the statement about orange.

  4. Sometimes when I make scrappy quilts I am at a lost on how to border them. I was impressed with your use of two colors in the border for the sashing and inside border. It really pulled it all together!
    Jean Snyder

    P.S. Orange is my new neutral.

  5. Another great L/E project. The orange is a wonderful contrast to the blue/gray.

    Barb in MI/FL

  6. Lovely quilt, I don'r pay attention to what colors are in or out of date...I love the slate blue and dusty rose...see it in nature all the time.


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