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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still procrastinating

Two years ago I proposed that NCLQG use Bonnie Hunter's pattern Cathedral Stars for the 2009 raffle quilt.  I made a couple of sample blocks, as did my bee-mates Dawn, Julie, and Joan.  CS was indeed chosen for the raffle quilt, Julie coordinated the project, and the results were beautiful and lucrative.  This past week, while *still* not ready to work on the guild challenge, I pulled out the sample blocks (3 Jacob's Ladders, 6 stars, and enough red/black half-square triangles to make 13 more Jacob's Ladders).  This 84 x 84 top is the result.

[Update: the flimsy was quilted by Wendy Maston. I donated it to AAUW-Waukegan Area Branch as the spring, 2010 raffle quilt.  Ticket sales were approximately $500, donated to AAUW projects.]


  1. This is amazing! I love the colors. I did a similar pattern when I made a quilt for my son, Mark. I used Doreen Speckman templates. Lovely!

  2. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I love this pattern and keep thinking ....maybe someday. Glad you got yours done and done so beautifully too. Jane

  3. Your procrastination projects are well worth your procrastinating!!

  4. what a beautiful Cathedral Stars that you made!! I just don't think you can go wrong following Bonnie's colorway on that one! Reminds me a lot of her Christmas Lights mystery where the red/black are in the background.

    I hope this is a keeper for you - if not then send it my way! ;) I'd love it!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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