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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabric bargain!

In 2007 Julie and I bought a tremendous quantity of fabric left by a local quilter who passed away in 2003. The widower remarried and they needed to clean out the sewing room/studio.  I got 1700 yards out of that deal, and Julie got a comparable amount.
Last week Mrs. H. called to say that there were still some boxes of fabric and some rubber stamps that she was never going to get around to using, and would I be interested? I asked my coworker Tara if she'd like some rubber stamps, cheap. Yes, indeed! So at 1 p.m. today we met at the H's house.

Pricing was up to us. Tara got 40 or so stamps for $30. I took all the fabric that appeared to be cotton, several packaged batts, a big Olfa cutting board. Left the DMC floss (I have boxes of DMC already), left the serger thread, left the box of lace and prepackaged Wright's bias binding. I wrote a check for $150. When I got home I used the bathroom scale to weigh the fabric: 93 lbs. At 4 yds to the pound, that's 372 yards. I've been sorting (and I'm not finished yet)-- several sets of blocks from long-ago guild swaps, some FQ bundles still packaged, a roll of fusible web, some fabric that turned out to be polyester (I did a burn test), some fabric that exceeds my quotient of 'cute' -- but there is a LOT that will be right at home in my stash.


  1. Way to go, Nann!! You'll make good use of it all, I'm sure....

  2. What a fantastic bargain!! So much to sort through and enjoy :)

    PS: I find your blog background makes the text very difficult to read as it shows through the colour block. Is it possible to make it more opaque so that the vines/flowers don't show through and confuse the readers' eye?

  3. I would have to agree with Helen in the UK. It is difficult to read with that color in the background.


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