Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Twilight" blocks

The BlockSwappers YahooGroup is doing a "Twilight" swap, named for the series by Stephenie Meyer
The book covers are black, gray, white, and red, so that's the color scheme for the swap. 12" blocks of the maker's choice. My blocks are "Mill Star" and "54-40 Askew." It is a regular "54-40 or Fight" block but I found out after I'd cut all the pieces that I cut them for a 9" block. I added the borders and cut them on an angle, and hence the new name.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christmas Ribbons

Finally -- a finished flimsy! This is "Christmas Ribbons." It's a traditional block called Oklahoma Twister which was included in a book of "quilt blocks for 50 states." I thought that the twisty HSTs looked like ribbons, and so a quilt design was born. The borders are copied from an Oklahoma Twister quilt in a Webshots album. It's 74 x 86. It will be professionally quilted. The Friends of the Library will raffle it this fall.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage sale results

Garage sale, day one (Friday): $649.40.
Garage sale, day two (Saturday): $347.65.
Total for the two days: $997.05.
Less expenses (classified ads and balloons): $90.
Net: $907.05
(When I made the bank deposit I learned that I had seriously undercounted the revenue--by $201! So I have updated my previous post to show the correct amounts.)

7 boxes delivered to Salvation Army thus far.
3 boxes filled for church rummage sale thus far.
More to clean up and decide: keep, donate, pitch.
With luck we can park the cars in the garage tonight!

P.S. Four Fiesta luncheon plates and the 2-pint jug sold. ($10 per plate and a bargain $30 for the jug.) I also sold (for $150) the HandiQuilter that I bought in 2005 from a woman who'd never taken it out of the box--I got as far as opening the box, but put it all away again--perhaps yesterday's purchaser will actually set it up!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garage Sale at the sign of the red, buff, and green balloons

(Note that one of them is a gold star!)
It's been 7 years since I had a garage sale. Since then I moved to a larger house, which only meant more space to squirrel away stuff. Then DH and I combined households: a lot of this has GOT to go.
Preparing for a garage sale is physically and
emotionally exhausting. "I remember when I got this....This would be useful someday....Hmm, $1 or .50?....Why did I keep this? I never did like it."
My ad led with what I thought would be a big draw: vintage Fiestaware, Longaberger baskets, and a Heywood-Wakefield table. The Longaberger baskets sold right away (an old gray one for $5 and 10-year-old bread basket for $15....and if you think I gave them away, you should have been here to snap up the bargains). Yet the Fiesta wasn't touched. (11 luncheon plates, 4 salad plates, a milk pitcher, if you're interested.)
The first day was quite successful! $549.40. The largest purchase was by a woman who bought two finished quilts ($100 and $75) and six unfinished tops ($100). By selling flimsies I no longer have an obligation to finish them!
Stay tuned for the results of today's sale. ($1.25 so far: 7:59 a.m.)