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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage sale results

Garage sale, day one (Friday): $649.40.
Garage sale, day two (Saturday): $347.65.
Total for the two days: $997.05.
Less expenses (classified ads and balloons): $90.
Net: $907.05
(When I made the bank deposit I learned that I had seriously undercounted the revenue--by $201! So I have updated my previous post to show the correct amounts.)

7 boxes delivered to Salvation Army thus far.
3 boxes filled for church rummage sale thus far.
More to clean up and decide: keep, donate, pitch.
With luck we can park the cars in the garage tonight!

P.S. Four Fiesta luncheon plates and the 2-pint jug sold. ($10 per plate and a bargain $30 for the jug.) I also sold (for $150) the HandiQuilter that I bought in 2005 from a woman who'd never taken it out of the box--I got as far as opening the box, but put it all away again--perhaps yesterday's purchaser will actually set it up!


  1. That's a great yard sale - I haven't made that much on one. The green and orange quilt looks so beautiful. Did you sell a lot of quilty things?

  2. Great garage sale! Safe to assume that items were sold with no strings attached? :)

  3. It looks like you had a lot of neat things for sale. I like that big trunk, and was that transferware in one of the photos? Garage sales are more fun than a regular store. Your blog is interesting. I always thought that being a librarian would be a great job...I love getting lost in the library. Louise


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