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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Twilight" blocks

The BlockSwappers YahooGroup is doing a "Twilight" swap, named for the series by Stephenie Meyer
The book covers are black, gray, white, and red, so that's the color scheme for the swap. 12" blocks of the maker's choice. My blocks are "Mill Star" and "54-40 Askew." It is a regular "54-40 or Fight" block but I found out after I'd cut all the pieces that I cut them for a 9" block. I added the borders and cut them on an angle, and hence the new name.


  1. Your 54 40 Askew block shows the true ingenuity of quilters, turning lemons into lemonade!!

  2. Your Twilight blocks are cool!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog....

    Shannon (of Twilight Quilters Coven)


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