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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fiesta for Christmas

In 1977 when I lived in Brenham, Texas, I went to Mrs. Minnie Day Sampley's estate sale (she was moving into the nursing home). I bought a dark blue bowl for fifty cents. I bought it only because it was old and pretty.

I soon found out that it was Fiesta Ware. Even in 1977, fifty cents was a bargain for "an 8" cobalt nappy, no chips."

Since then my collection has grown. There's the large salad bowl my former boyfriend gave to me when I moved from Brenham; the cracker dish that was a wedding gift; and the bargain: plates, cups, and saucers in yellow (a dozen of each for $250). Whenever I think I need to divest myself of some of it there comes an occasion where the bright colors are perfect.

Such was the case this Christmas. The green plates go perfectly with this vintage tablecloth. (Finding that meant a pleasurable hour...okay, hour and a half! going through the vintage linens boxes. I had completely forgotten that I had this particular tablecloth.)


  1. Ah, fiesta ware. I got many of the extra pieces from my grandma's house. Some days I wish I had more others I like my funny bowls (one with a handle!) The table looks great!

  2. Hi...just thought you might like to know that Fiesta was glazed with a lead finish...sorry to say.

    New Fiesta, is, of course, safe to use...but it's just not the same.

    All the best to you.

  3. I collect fiestaware too! Love how colorful it is....and you tablecloth adds the most wonderful, festival touch!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives this week. It's especially nice to rejuvinate a post from so long ago!!

  4. What a gorgeous table you've set! Fun to revisit your archives like this :)


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