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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mellow Yellow

I pieced this in 2006 in an effort to use a collection of 5" ("nickel") squares. The design concept is from Spectacular Scraps by Rolfe & Hoowarth, a book that I've had for a long time and continue to refer to.

This is the fifth quilt I've quilted using my new MegaQuilter/Inspira Frame setup, which I purchased from my friend Julie in November. I'm getting better with the machine, by which I mean that I'm less hesitant. I have forgotten to lower the presser foot only twice. I can wind bobbins and insert them correctly on the first try. Loading a quilt is not yet intuitive; I printed out a photo tutorial that was posted on the MQ/I Yahoo Group. I can't figure out how to keep the edges smooth when it comes to the borders, thought, so I have been quilting that part using my regular machine.

It's nice to have a sunshiny quilt during this dark and snowy December!

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  1. Nice to know that now you're a REAL quilter! I wish I lived near you so I could hire you to quilt MY stuff! Sheila P


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