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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in review: Annual Reckoning

Here's my last quiltmaking for 2008. The blocks were made in 2005 as the RCTQ block-of-the-month. I attempted to set them in early 2006 but ran out of enthusiasm. I got them out this past week, and voila! This is how they turned out. I like the way the bright colors float on the "outer space" background print.

Since 1998 I have tracked my fabric consumption and acquisition; since 2004 I have tracked the expense for that fabric. (The Reckoning does not include batting, thread, books/patterns. It does include fashion fabric.) I can't figure out how to import a spreadsheet or a table into a blogpost. If you want to see the complete story, e-mail me.
In 2008 I used 375 yards. I bought 529 yards. I paid $1483, or $2.80/yard.
My accomplishments for 2008:
* Started and finished
12 quilts (lap-sized and larger)
9 wallhangings
5 table runners
1 tote bag
17 pillow cases
2 pantsuits
2 jackets
2 two-piece dresses
* Finished
8 quilts (UFOs from previous years)
* Created
12 flimsies (unquilted tops)
366 HeartStrings Blocks
I emptied 87 spools of thread.
Here are photos of my studio, taken this morning. The storeroom is extra-crowded with additional furniture from the parsonage, now resident in my -- our! -- house.


  1. I noticed that you are a PEO sister. I am a PEO, too. So nice to meet a sister who is also a quilter. My sewing room is such a mess and I can't seem to get DH interested in helping me. I can't understand why. LOL

    I live outside of Atlanta, GA. I am a retired teacher. I decided that I wasn't done with teaching and teach 3"s in a church pre-school. And I can pray and mention Jesus in the classroom.


  2. Thanks for sharing your summary and your photos. You have lots of room there. I haven't uploaded my summary for 2008 yet, but will do so before the day is over.

  3. One might think, from your detailed analysis, that you were a librarian or something. :) (I get to say that now, see.)

  4. Ok I want your studio space LOL. Congrats on the finishes, sounds like you accomplished quite a bit.

  5. Love your studio, you have so much space. And a sizable fabric stash. I always thought I had a lot of fabric until I started reading blogs & saw pictures of other quilters' collections. As they say, the quilter who dies with the most fabric, wins!

  6. nann, terrific progress and I love your studio. your latest quilt is beautiful and the floating border is ideal, i think. good luck on your "adjusting" and i'm certain all will go well.

  7. Oh I love how it turned out! That black fabric is fun and looks great with those bright colors!

  8. Looks like you had a very busy year. I hope 2009 is just as productive.

  9. Wow! You keep such excellent records! that is fabulous. I love your sewing space as well.
    I hope your new year was safe and fun!

  10. Wow....SOME record keeping! You even keep track of how many spools of thread you finish?! All this anal tracking doesn't seem to keep you from sewing, however, so I guess it works. How do you find time to be gainfully employed?!?

  11. You have really been busy. Great job. I wish you well for 2009.


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