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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friendship and Quilting

(I didn't bring my Featherweight for nothing!)

(All of us)

(Stage set for Prairie Home Companion)

(Sunrise over the Organ Mountains)

Two weeks ago I was hurriedly preparing for PieFiesta Dos in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This was the biennial gathering of the Magpies, who met on the internet newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.quilting in the late 1990's. This was our fifth large-group meetup since the first PieFiesta in 1999. There were 15 of us this time, some new to the gathering, with a 40-year age span, coming from east, west, south (and four of us from Illinois). We talk online every day so seeing one another in person just continues the conversation of a few hours before.
We laughed. We ate (yumm) and drank (margaritas!). We toured (some went to White Sands, some went to the NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum). Three of us went to see A Prairie Home Companion (conveniently at NMSU that Saturday). Some of us sewed. We all shopped!! And, all in all, we had a wonderful time enjoying one another's company.


  1. Fun was had by all and, in my case, I got to met a couple of new pies! Nice pictures, Nann but I'm hoping that there is a better group picture-I could hardly find myself and I knew where I was standing...

  2. I told you you were hiding, pansylovr! My pics aren't much better; didn't have the flash on until the group was breaking up. Maybe crabmom's or agelezz's pictures are better...
    J (:>

  3. Photos! Ack! They're on the list of things to get to when I can ... along with several others. I'm betting that all the group shots will look about the same, though, since the same men took them all. I doubt they changed the zoom/focus much between cameras.

  4. Quilting breeds the best of friends - seeing you with all your friends put a smile on my face. How fun!


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