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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Weekend

It was a pleasant weekend, both at DH's and at my house. We had our first long rambling walk of the season though the riverside park. (No mosquitoes yet.) I put in some tomatoes and basil. I am so not a vegetable gardener but maybe this year I'll get a crop. It was nice to sit out on the patio yesterday afternoon! (What a contrast today: it's 38 as I type this, going up to 60. Brrr.)

A half-step forward, a couple of steps sideways, and a leap back . . . that's my stash story. I spent much of last week working on a quilt that will be a wedding gift. After I got the blocks assembled I realized I didn't have the "right" border fabric. Joann Fabrics had a holiday sale with 10% off the entire purchase so I got fabric for the border and the back AND 10 yards of quilt batting (also on sale) AND just a few other yards. But it was all on sale!
I used up a stack of 3" squares making mini 9-patch blocks. I have discovered that these are fun to have on hand when "just sew something!" urge strikes. 200 mini 9's uses 1-5/8 yards of fabric.

Here is Step 5 of the Crush mystery. The orangey fabric is one of my purchases from England specifically for this project. The purple just looked right, and I used the same purple in all the blocks (rather than a variety of purples). I'm not going to try to figure out how the entire quilt is set--I'll wait until Bonnie tells us!

P.S. As for that border fabric (see second paragraph): it did not pass the audition. I'll have to ponder the design, and my stash, some more.


  1. Your OC blocks are looking great. I love to sew 3" nine patches, too and also have about 700 1 1/2" nine patches sewn.

  2. I really like your blocks - I can't wait to see how they look with your step 4 blocks!

  3. That orange is a great print - it hs so much texture the blocks really have life.

  4. I'm still on step 5-hope to finish it & begin construction at our weekly guild sew day Wednesday. I think I want to set the blocks on the straight rather than the diagonal. Your blocks don't look as if they have as many eeeuuuww fabrics as mine do!


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