T-shirt quilts

Here's a gallery of the t-shirt quilts I've made. I offer a t-shirt quilt in the silent auction for our Rotary golf outing each year.  (But I am NOT going into the t-shirt quilt business!)  I am always on the lookout for interesting t-shirt quilt settings. (But I am NOT going into the t-shirt quilt business!) (If I declare it often enough I'll stick to it.)

2009: Chris

2014: Karen

2014: Michael

2015: Blythe

2016: Karleigh


  1. I enjoyed reading about your T-Shirt quilts. I was elected to sew and quilt one for my nephew when he graduated from High School in 2015. Let me tell you, I really did not enjoy the process and I procrastinated, too. I'm sure my sister will have me make one for her other son who graduates in 2018. Yikes!

  2. My daughter just asked me if I would make a t-shirt quilt for her boys when they graduate so I have a few years to go. I don't have a clue how to make one so I am enjoying checking yours out.

  3. I've made a lot of t-shirt quilts (not just for ALABiblioQuilters). I am finishing up on for my daughter from her high school t-shirts. I'm about half-way through the quilting. They make great memories.


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