Friday, June 21, 2024

Friday check in: sunrise, quilt book indulgence, and a surprise finish

The solstice was at 3:50 p.m. yesterday. I was at the lakefront this morning to see the sun rise at 5:16.  

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Used book sales, destashes, and publishers' warehouse clearance have been the source for most of the many, many quilt books I've acquired.   Just as with fabric--if I can't not buy them, then I need to get bargains.  

This year I am really and truly paring down all that creative potential.  I've gone through a stack, sorting them into "totally unlikely to make anything from this" and "review again just in case."   Why is it that I can tear patterns out of magazines that cost full price but not out of books I got for free?  

But just as one shelf gets some breathing room another shelf gets tighter.  True, these were all gently-used bargains from Alibris sellers.

(List price for Red &  White was $60.00. I paid $25.00.)

Catching up on Kaffe  books -- 2011, 2023, 2023.  

What fun to come across Kaffe and Brandon's autographs in Timeless Themes.

# # # # #

Here's the surprise finish.   It's the second tote bag made from the 2018 round robin.  The back has the same band of flowers and QST borders.   (I wrote about the first tote last Monday.)  

I used units for the pocket. 

This is what's left from the round robin flimsy. I've added these to the batiks department of my spare parts storage. 

Happy Friday and happy summer to you all!    Linking up with Finished or Not Friday

P.S.  As I headed home from the lakefront these coneflowers caught my eye.


  1. Your sunrise photo is a beauty, Nann! Happy Summer Solstice! I love this tote bag, too - the pieces and parts from your round robin worked so well to make this design. Nice finish!

  2. I am impressed you were there for the sunrise - its so pretty!
    and the books - just think of all the inspirations you will have tho!!!
    Love the bag!! its a great surprise finish!

  3. I am the same way about my books and magazines. It feels so wrong to dismantle a book, but I have no qualms about tearing a pattern from a magazine.
    Andrea in MO

  4. I saw the sunrise this morning too, but it was only because I couldn't sleep for worrying about flooding. And like you I can't resist buying books or fabric. The bags made from parts from you round robin have turned out beautifully. What a clever re-use of those parts.

  5. so great when parts get repurposed....

  6. I simply couldn't bring myself to deface a book either - but magazines aren't a problem. I think I'm still hearing my mother in my head telling me that books should be kept pristine and heaven help me if I dog-eared a page!

  7. That IS exciting to have the autographs in Timeless Themes. That is one of my favorites of his books. How could anyone part with the book with the autographs in it? Or did you take a class with them?

  8. Love the tote bags you've made from your round-robin, you're likely to get more use from them than another quilt you didn't care about. I would rather watch the moon rise, but admire your sunrise photo. Summer has indeed arrived!

  9. A most charming tote bag, Nann. I adore its whimsy.

  10. Quiltdivajulie -- when I visit our library thrift shop, the books cost between 50 cents and 2 dollars. I buy those specifically to alter or cut apart for my journal making adventure. Other books I have a hard time cutting into. Your tote bag is lovely!

  11. That bag is really, really cute! I've culled my bookcase as well, but added to it when I found a couple of paper piecing books for 1/3 of the list price. I may need to cull again!


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