Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Midweek: one more walk, the other eye, and OMGs all done


Monday afternoon I gave a book review to the Memorial Methodist Women.   I talked about eight books, all of which I've reviewed in previous blog posts.  Afterwards I returned the books I'd borrowed from the library and checked out four more.  And so it goes.

Photo: crocuses in our garden. These are right under the dryer vent which gives them an edge. 

I took a flimsy to Barb-the-quilter yesterday. It will be the AAUW spring raffle quilt.  While we were nearby we visted a forest preserve we hadn't been to in a while.  I enjoyed the 70-degree temperatures.  Overnight a cold front came through and we woke up to the high 20's and a dusting of snow. 

The second cataract surgery was today.  Binocular distance vision!  I still have to wear readers for close-up. I got light-adjustable implants.  That procedure is scheduled for March 21.  

The perforated shield is easy to see through. I'm supposed to wear it for the next week, but only when sleeping and showering.  And of course there are still eyedrops.

# # # # # 
In the studio:   I am happy to report that I achieved ALL the parts of my One Monthly Goal.

International Sisters -- blocks by the ALA Biblioquilters.  Nine patch by Barb N, quilted for her to give to her daughter.  (The 1980's prints were from clothing and craft projects they made.)  Mountain Majesties, commissioned by Janice for her daughter's wedding.                                                                                                                              AND   
I'm going to be featured in a blog hop sponsored by Villa Rosa Designs   It starts in mid-March and my day is March 18.  Each blogger got the same five Villa Rosa patterns and is to make at least one to feature on her day (quilting is optional).   I decided to make all five and maybe they'll be quilted by March 18!  
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  1. i went to the library to pick up a book and left with 5 and a DVD...LOL...congrats on successful eye surgery and meeting all your quilty goals....ay caramba! all 5 of villa rosa? overachiever you...

  2. Quiltdivajulie- hooray for your improved (and improving) vision!

  3. Great that your 2nd eye is done--both DH and I had ours done and it really did improve our visions...
    Congrats and getting all your quilts done...hugs, Julierose

  4. That is an ambitious goal to make all 5 and maybe quilted too. Most of my friends need readers after cataract surgery too and they opted to the full frame glasses that they were so used to, for safety. They said they felt naked without glasses.

  5. Glad to hear surgery has gone well and that recovery is good too. Plus you met all your goals! I'll look forward to seeing your Villa Rosa projects.

  6. So glad your surgery has gone well. Congratulations on meeting your monthly goals. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Hah - only checked out four books? I rarely go to the library without coming home with a whole bag filled. DH is a voracious reader and I love to read too so we go through a lot.
    Very glad your surgery is over and now you can look forward to seeing much better. I didn't know there was such a thing as light-adjustable implants. One thing I did notice after I had my cataracts done was that my eyes are much more sensitive to sunlight than they were before.

  8. The crocuses are lovely. So glad to hear your surgery went well and you are well on your way to being finished with that tune up. Congrats on meeting your February goal!

  9. I read a few of your posts and see that you had cataract surgery. I had cataract and glaucoma stent surgery on both eyes in 2022, and it has been such a blessing for my eyesight. Sounds like you are doing well. I'm impressed you made all 5 patterns for the blog hop!


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