Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday check in: more celebrating, UFO out-and-in, and two flimsies


Tuesday:  I was co-hostess for the Zion Woman's Club  holiday luncheon.  I brought out some of my vintage Christmas tablecloths.

There was lasagna left over for Stevens to enjoy the next day (and more in the freezer).   

The gift card "tree" was actually a picture frame with $300 worth of gift cards.  Judy and Dottie are holding it. Dottie's niece was the winner.  

We chose "festive food" for the gift exchange.  I got a gift certificate to a local bakery cleverly packaged in a holiday mug.

Wednesday:  Northern Lake County Quilters Guild holiday dinner.   The meal was catered by an Italian restaurant in Chicago (family of a guild member)--Italian beef, sausage and peppers, chicken and potatoes, mostaccioli, and all the trimmings.  Guild members brought dessert.  What a feast!  

We were assigned seats  in order that we'd get to meet more people. (The guild has quite a number of new members.   I joined in 1999 making me an old-timer.)   There were six one-yard pieces of batiks on each table.   We played Fold-Snip-Rip-Drop-Pass  :  each person takes a yard, folds it in half, snips, rips it in half, keeps half and passes half. Repeat around the table.  Everyone ends up with six prints in six sizes.  (Now we are challenged to make something for a charity project.)  

Ornaments gotten and given 

There was a non-quilty gift exchange (I got a trio of scented candles) and a quilted ornament exchange (I made a mug rug (an ornament for the table) and got a beautiful embroidered banner).

We were invited to bring UFOs of any age, at any stage. Each person got five raffle tickets and could buy more (6 for $5).  I donated four -- and I won three!  

Top:  die-cut diamonds for a LOT of kaleidoscope blocks (but only eight had the white wings sewn on).  

Left:  instructions for paper-pieced Women of the Bible blocks.  Seven finished blocks (some cropped for the photo collage).  (Karen began these in 2019.) 

Right:  a 2003 project for a set of four placemats.  Two blocks made. 

Will I get around to making any of these?  For the time being I am giving them a good home.

# # # # #

UFOs have been on my mind ("Can I bear to part with this one?" "Am I giving up too soon?"  [It's been 10 years.] "What if I arranged the blocks this way?"]   The Quiltville mystery is on my mind.  

I came across a ziploc bag with leftovers from Grassy Creek, the 2020 mystery.  

Grassy Creek had rectangular gray string blocks that were supposed to be half uphill and half downhill.  I made all of them the same direction, so I had to make half again as many going the other way -- leaving me with leftovers. At some point I cut those up and pieced them into units with citrus colors.   There were also left over square gray string blocks.

Here's what they became!  (Yes, I had to make more square gray blocks.) 

Both are wheelchair size. 

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P.S.  Sunshine Thursday + 50 degrees provided a good afternoon for a walk. 


  1. OH wow! What a fun celebration! Love that little mug rug...and those wheelchair quilts are so great for my line of work in the hospital. Hurrah!

  2. Thanks for inspiration - greys with bright contrast colors. Have remainders of a "gifted" abandoned grey strings project that needed something to make it sing.

  3. Do you put flannel on the back of wheelchair quilts to keep them from slipping off?

  4. Looks like you've taken part in some fun parties. It's always intriguing to see what you make from leftover blocks!

  5. Selvedge dots for Christmas tree trim! Doh!! That would've been so much easier than tacking those teeny plastic bulbs down (, but then again, that's what I had in mind from the beginning. So, there ya go.

    I see letters in the citrus & gray strips of blocks. I wonder how often the recipients will try to read the secret messages sewn into their lap quilts.

    Bird 'Pie

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun partying this week. You were very clever with those left overs. Now they'll have good homes and be useful.

  7. You attend many parties and always have a great time. What fun to use your Christmas tablecloths. I don’t think I have any now.

  8. Previous comment was from me, Ann at FretNotYourself

  9. You have the best Christmas parties!!! I love what you did with your Grassy Creek pieces!!!

  10. I'm glad to see you made good use of the extra Grassy Creek pieces. I'm still trying to find the will to finish mine. I have two weeks to get them done. Your party looked fun and I like the idea of the Fold, Snip, etc. I'm going to suggest that to my guild.

  11. That sounds like a super fun event - I like the idea of trading UFOs with others ;-)
    and go you for using up the rest of those blocks!!!


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