Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday check in: so much to be thankful for + a finish + OMG


Four days of mild weather (as high as 58) and sunshine = four afternoon walks. We'll have another this afternoon.  

(Three forest preserves -- Rollins Savanna, Lyons Woods, Van Patten Woods -- and Hosah Park along the lakefront.)  

The path really rocked on Thanksgiving Day.  Once I started seeing the painted stones I kept seeing them -- 18. There were probably a few that I missed. 

We enjoyed our traditional favorites at our just-us dinner.    The pie is made from the Halloween pumpkins.  The cranberry relish is Mama Stamberg's from NPR.   It's an acquired taste that we acquired long ago. 

# # # # # #



In the studio:  the "unexpected development" I wrote about on Monday is finished.

The back isn't very imaginative.  The tan print (paisley) selvedge said 2006.     

I quilted curving lines that look somewhat like long, narrow leaves.  

My stated OMG for November was to make three flimsies. I said that finishing them was a bonus.  I've done all of that and more with four start-to-finish quilts (this one, the 16-patch, Ladder Stars, and Patchwork Fields) plus a finish (Batik Churn Dash).  

Linking up with Finished or Not Friday  (thank you, Alycia!) and OMG at Elm Street Quilts (thank you, Patty!)     

P.S.  I'm undecided about participating in the Chilhowie mystery.  Meanwhile, I've begun a new quilt . . .


  1. dinner looks onesie was delish as well...nice finish....really striking once quilted

  2. Lovely happy photos, Nann. And good eating too. Wonderful stitching nicely rounds out your post. I wonder what will be next....

  3. That is a nice simple to make graphic quilt. You are really on a roll this month.

  4. "Unexpected Development" is a great finish, both front and back. You are really on a roll this month with quilty finishes! After living on the west coast for nearly 15 years, our Thanksgiving cranberries take on a southwest flair, which is apparently also an acquired taste since most of what we took to the kids' dinner came back home with us! Must be those jalapeno peppers and cilantro in the "salsa." We'll happily devour the rest when we cook up our turkey breast tomorrow.

  5. I have not made one of Bonnie’s mysteries in real time in years. I do save the pdf files though. I love her aqua and purple with neutrals but I am waiting to see how the orange fits in. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and congrats on this latest finish! Quiltdivajulie

  6. Wow, you’ve really been putting the pedal to the metal this month, Nann! I love how “Unexpected Development” turned out. This year I’ll just be watching Bonnie’s mystery again instead of participating. I’m keeping my plate clear for finishing up quilts for kids. And hopefully some for us, too!

  7. Wow Nann! I love the new piece--it is unexpected and so neat! I l love it and what a bonus to have good weather and good eats! Grateful for you my dear friend!

  8. Start to finish in a single week? Go, Nann, go!!

  9. I haven't decided whether or not to dive into the mystery either. Your "one week" quilt looks really good. Nice job on getting it done so quickly, along with getting out for some walks.

  10. Some fun walks, great eats and a lovely quilt! Good times!


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