Sunday, October 2, 2022

Weekly update, part 2: woodland walks and playing with scraps


This early fall weather is glorious -- lots of sunshine and blue, blue skies.  We went to Waukegan Savanna, Independence Grove and Old School, three of the designated sites for this year's Hike Lake County challenge.  

This is prairie dock, also known as Lucy Braun's prairie dock. Had the flower and the spent flowerhead not been on one plant I wouldn't have known they are the same.

Here  is more about the eponymous Lucy Braun.  

This pretty purple flower is brown knapweed, also called French hard-head (!).  I've only  seen it at Wadsworth Savanna.  Since it is invasive it can stay there! 

# # # # # 

In the studio: 

 I've made several red rails quilts over the years. 

This one is from 2016. (There's a label in the side bar if you want to see all of them.)  

I've kept 1.5 x 3.5 rails in a two boxes -- one with just red and the other with everything else.  

Lynn's recent finish Klein Meisje "thirteen" gave me an idea.  
These 18 blocks (9-1/2" unf) have nearly emptied the "everything else" box. 

I'm going to take my time replenishing the box so this project will simmer for a while.

.,,,but I'm considering using the red rails for a scrappy sashing.....


  1. That red rails quilt was really pretty. I’ve never thought of using one color like that in a rail fence. It’s been a few years since I’ve made a rail fence quilt but I really like the look.

  2. oh yes indeed...the red rails are just right!

  3. Ah those red rail fence blocks. BTW I blame you for one of my long term projects. I decided to make my own baby rail blocks with the outside rails in various colors. The plan is to eventually set them in rainbow colors. It may take quite a while....

  4. You are doing one of my favorite design methods--leave something out and maybe add it back in a different way later. Love the red sashing idea.

  5. Yes! I really like it!


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