Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday check in: the geese are flying, and the stash report

 I went to Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and two quilt shops to find a print that I liked for the Christmas Geese borders.  (I'd hoped to find more of the green check (Lori Holt). The first shop had it  in a lovely turquoise but not green.)  I was pleased and relieved to find the red print (Moda) at the second LQS.  I bought the 1-3/4 yards that was left on the bolt.  It turned out to be a tricky-to-match diagonal.  After some fiddly cutting I managed to piece the lengths required.

   72 x 80, 6 yards by weight. 

And, hooray, my stash yielded several white-background Christmas prints that will be perfect for the back.  

# # # # #

I don't plan any more finishes or fabric acquisition today so here's the September stash report.  

Fabric in, September:  127-3/4 yard, $189.  $1.49 per yard average.  The expense was at Quilt Expo. I got a generous gift that accounts for most of the acquisition.    

Fabric out, September: 68-1/2 yards.  I gave away yardage and several flimsies that I knew I wouldn't get around to quilting.

Year to date in:  1656-3/8 yards, $1059.  $ . 64 per yard average.  Destashings and other gifts kept the expense down!

Year to date out:  204-1/2.   I need to sew more. Maybe give away more, too.

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  1. ooh that is very nice nann...perfect border too! yeah we ALL need to sew faster....

  2. Great job on that diagonal print on the borders--I don't even want to imagine my trying that!! Such a lovely quilt;)))
    And--WOW--you did really well on the costs per yard for your fabrics!! I hope to go to JoAnne's on a FART trip--I haven't been since before Covid -- what with my sciatica/back etc etc issues... '000
    I don't know about the quality of their fabrics --but will certainly check it be reported on later...
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. Really terrific job on that quilt top! Good choices for the vertical strips and for the outer border.

  4. It was worth the effort to buy it because it's exactly right.

  5. Nann that quilt is wonderful!!! I love it!


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