Sunday, August 7, 2022

Weekly update: stash enhancement and more homespuns

Some of the wildflowers on this week's walks:
Broadleaf Arrowhead in bloom, bumblebee on purple prairie clover, prickly pear cactus (it grows in the sandy soil at Illinois Beach State Park), bull thistle, compass plant, prairie pinnate coneflower.

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Woo-hoo!   My entry in the Wisconsin Quilt Show was accepted!   

The quilt is Crown of Thorns. I made it in 2019 in response to the fire that destroyed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.  They saved a relic purported to be a piece of the Biblical Crown of Thorns.  (And that day's daily quilt block in the perpetual calendar in my studio was Crown of Thorns.  Perfect.) 

In lieu of a walk on Tuesday we met Paula and her husband in the parking lot of Old Orchard Shopping Center.  Two years ago Paula downsized her stash and gave a lot of it to me.  She still had some more and her sister-in-law contributed.  Fabric and books!  I was able to give some of it away at Wednesday's guild meeting.  

The guild program was about Project Linus, presented by two members who are very involved in it.  Their presentation made me reconsider the contents of the box in the upper photo -- Paula had a lot of circus-themed fabric that I was going to give away.,  Now I'm considering using some of it for Linus quilts. That will compensate for some more new fabric on the left side of the box in the lower photo--Linus giveaways.  I'm going through the books, many of which I have, or once had.  

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 We are having significant work done on our house while we are away (August 12-21). The living room will be replastered and painted, the bedrooms will be repainted, the doors and baseboards will be replaced, and the flooring will be replaced (new carpet in living room and hall, vinyl in the bedrooms).  That requires moving EVERYTHING off shelves and walls.   Our housecleaner was able to help me.--it took us 8 hours.   (It's easier to box up stuff when it is someone else's. If it's yours you think about what you're packing up.)    

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And, finally, on the design wall:  5-1/2" scrappy homespun monkey wrench blocks.  I'm planning to have plain blocks in between.  I'm aiming for 98 blocks.

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  1. Congratulations on your Crown of Thorns quilt being accepted for the Wisconsin Quilt Show! A well deserved honor. Enjoy your upcoming vacation.

  2. The Crown of Thorns is beautiful. Congrats on having it accepted into the Wisconsin Quilt Show. Good to hear you plan on using some of the fun novelty prints. I like making the smaller quilts that go to babys and toddlers. Hum, more homespun, eh? I need to try round 2 of mine and see what else I can put to use. The monkey wrench might be a good choice depending on the size of the leftover pieces. Are you done with the homespuns?

  3. Congratulations on getting your quilt accepted in the show. I love the crown of thorns pattern, so fun to make and so fun to see. You're house will look so beautiful and feel so good when everything is done.

  4. Congrats on that Crown of Thorns being accepted! Woohoo!

    I am not familiar with the broadleaf arrowhead. Don't think I've ever seen that one.

    I have a few circus prints set away with some stripes that I never got around to making for the grandkids. Now grandkids are grown up. There's a fun pattern in one of Kathy Doughty's books.

    And for some reason I really like making Monkey Wrench blocks. I've been making big and little ones from scraps when I feel like it. When I get big piles at year end I'll make a few donation quilts. Well, I actually already finished one. You sure whipped yours up quickly!

  5. That’s quite an accomplishment to have a quilt accepted into the show. Congratulations. I don’t envy you the upheaval for all the work being done in your house. But we both know the end results are always worth it. I hope you’ll share some “before and after” photos!

  6. Congratulations on getting your quilt accepted into the Wisconsin Quilt Show! It's a wonderful quilt! Love your monkey wrench idea--what a great quilt that will be! I'm just catching up on blogs right now and I want you to know that I have a package coming to you as soon as I can get to the post office! Have a wonderful day!

  7. The Crown of Thorns is a lovely block and you have made a lovely, scrappy quilt from them. May be, I should stash it for a possible block for RSC 2023. As far as the cleaning/plastering etc. is concerned, is that a once in 10 years activity or more. Asking for a friend :-O

  8. Congratulations on the acceptance letter for your beautiful quilt! It really is stunning.

  9. Your Crown of Thorns quilt is beautiful. I remember the day of the fire. Our granddaughter who was three at the time told me what happened, saying "The church burned and Mem ( her word for Mom at the time) cried." She still remembers her Mom being moved to tears. Last week they did a whirlwind "trip to Europe" homeschool summer camp their project for France was an art project of the stained glass window in honor of Notre Dame. I'll show her a picture of your quilt when she gets home from vacation.


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