Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday check in: sandal karma + string flimsies

Temperatures in the mid- to upper 80's mean open windows and the seasonal transfer of winter clothes and summer clothes between the basement cedar closet and the bedroom.  I know that we'll have a cool-down (it's too soon to plant tomatoes) but the warmth and sunshine are promising. 


I found my mid-70's Dr. Scholl's sandals on the shelf in the cedar closet.

Did you have a pair? Why did I haul them from Missouri to Texas to Kansas to Maine to North Dakota to Illinois where they have been in the basement closet for 19 years? I tried them on and could not walk in them. (I had them re-heeled at one point and the original box is long gone so no great vintage value.)

I put them in a box to go to the thrift shop and put the box in the car. We went out to lunch yesteray and then we stopped at the farm stand / nursery which opened for the season on Mother's Day. One of the other customers was wearing Dr. Scholl's and I commented on them. She said she loves them and finds replacement pairs on eBay. I opened the thrift shop box, dug out my Dr. Scholl's, and gave them to her. [Not her size but she can swap them or something.] Karma!

# # # # # #

Similar but different
I've made several thousand HeartStrings blocks and several dozen HS quilts. The "standard" HeartStrings quilt is made of 48 9" blocks (54" x 72").

I came across Lutheran World Relief's ongoing quilt project . They request 60" x 80". I decided to try making 10" string blocks. I had just enough dark blue tone-on-tone for 96 center strips. I found several yards of light brown in the solids box, ideal for the foundation.. (I don't deliberately buy solids so how I have accumulated two big boxes of them is a mystery.)

Each flimsy uses 8 yards of fabric (including the foundations).

P.S. The innards of tulips: velvety darkness.

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  1. Love those string blocks!

  2. I used to wear Dr Scholl's too Wooden shoes? What were we thinking, but I was so cool then!
    Love the string blocks , I do a bunch of them myself, your strips look about 2 "? I use varying sizes from scraps and no foundations. You've inspired me to make some zig zag ones! Enjoy the warm , we are just warming up here in Alberta , Canada!

  3. I had a pair of those, too! Now I need more support so I'm a Skechers girl.

  4. I wore Dr. Scholl's for years in HS and college. Recently tried on a pair (nostalgia?) and could not walk in them (like you) so I did not buy them. How funny that you ran into that woman when you were out. (Quiltdivajulie)

  5. I wore Dr. Scholl's for years and also Birkenstocks--now I always wear olde feet do change...;!!!
    Very pretty heartstring blocks... hugs, Julierose

  6. brethren church wants 60x80 as well....nice string quilt...never saw one i didn't love...

  7. Yes, I had Dr. Scholl's sandals! Funny you met up with someone wearing them.

    I think most places that take larger donation quilts request 60 x 80 so that's usually what I am for. I prefer 10 inch string blocks so have usually used paper as a foundation. I don't mind tearing off paper. I kind of like to make wonky logs with my strings now because no foundation is required.

    Heat wave here. I think I forgot I'm not half my age and did too much in the garden. Heat exhaustion. Ugh!

  8. Yes - I had several pair of those sandals over the years, and loved them. When I was pregnant with my first daughter those sandal were the only shoes I could get on my feet the last month. I haven’t had any in recent years however and would probably find them hard to walk in now too. LOL. Love those HS quilts. I’ve made a couple of them too.

  9. This old lady doesn't walk in Dr Scholls anymore either. I like your heartstrings zig zags. Very cool!

  10. I like that karma... flinging good into the world - one shoe at a time haha!
    Now your string quilt - Oh la la - I love it!!! and maybe those solids hide in the corners till you call to them to come out????

  11. Your string blocks came together well. What a great project to use up lots and lots of strips. Happy stitching this week.


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